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Couple Struggling With Their Finances Are you behind on payments due to job loss, divorce, medical bills, debt, credit cards, or other financial problems? Worried that your lender may foreclose on you? There are various reasons why you may be behind on mortgage payments. You may be confused about the options that are available to help you, but you simply don't know where to begin.
A local certified DRFP counselor volunteers their time for FREE to help homeowners who are behind on payments or have difficulty paying their mortgage. They help you understand your options and they work directly with you and your mortgage company to come to a solution that will give you almost immediate debt relief and prevent foreclosure.
Time is running out. You have options, and we can help.
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Options That Are Available to Distressed Home Owners Facing Foreclosure:
Help is just a call away.
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"My husband got laid off and making our mortgage payment was difficult. It was hard enough paying for the day-to-day essentials. We quickly began to fall behind on payments and I was worried that we were going to get foreclosed on. We were drowning in debt and needed help quick!"

"We meet with a certified DRFP counselor who helped us explore the options that were available. We learned that the best option for us was to short sale our home. DRFP referred us to one of their short sale real estate agents who explained the whole process to us and helped us sell our home in a reasonable time. We immediately got help. We are so grateful to DRFP and we would refer them to anyone who is in a similar situation."

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